Dear Neighbors,

I am pleased to announce that we have received ‘unofficial’ word from Councilwoman Tarkanian and Acting Planning Director Perrigo that GreenMart Charleston of Nevada, LLC, has decided to withdraw their application for a medical marijuana store at 1925 W. Charleston.

As we understand it, a motion will be made at the Tuesday, Oct. 28th, City Council meeting for SUP #55244 to be either withdrawn from the agenda or otherwise voted down. In layman parlance this location has been defeated and, as an aide to Councilwoman Tarkanian said, it was due to the intense opposition from surrounding neighbors to the application.

It is true, if we were to have made a presentation next Tuesday in opposition to the application, over 20 speakers would have each presented a different reason on why the application should not be approved (including 2 attorneys with legal challenges); over 130 residents living nearby had signed and filed opposition petitions; and 6 Neighborhood Associations representing over 600 homes had voiced their opposition.

I would like to thank the ad hoc citizens committee that mounted the opposition campaign led by new Scotch Eighty neighbor, Jessica Saylor—and her volunteer committee: Herman Fox, Keith Resnick, Pamela Grogan-- legal representation from Michael J. Nunez, and a key medical letter from Josh Hamilton. Further, I would like to thank our neighbors in Scotch Eighty as well as surrounding communities that decided children’s safety and the value of single family homes was more important than a rush for greed in establishing what we all knew would be a future recreational super pot store. Need pot? There are to be 12 other locations in Las Vegas in easy driving distance, just not within a stoned throw distance.

Again, thank you, for helping maintain the quality and uniqueness that can be found in this special place called the Scotch Eighty neighborhood.

Very truly yours,

Stephen Grogan, President

Scotch Eighty Owners Association