Project NEON Construction to start 2013

Project NEON Construction to Start 2013

October, 2010 Update: Project NEON

NDOT and its Project NEON (Project) engineering firm Ch2MHill provide a status report on the Project. In particular, they stated that they are working on the completion of the environmental impact process. This process should be completed with the issuance of a "Record of Decision" (ROD) within the next few weeks or so. Once the ROD is issued, the Project team will begin the preliminary design for Phase 1 of the project.

According to NDOT representatives, the first phase of Project NEON includes: widening of I-15, an HOV Direct Connect Viaduct linking the HOV lanes on US-95 with the Express Lanes on I-15, Reconfiguration of the Charleston Boulevard Interchange, additional freeway ramps at Alta Drive, the Grand Central Parkway to Western Avenue connection over Charleston, and Direct Connect HOV Ramps at Wall Street. It is anticipated that this phase will begin sometime around January of 2013.

It is estimated that by January of 2011, the Phase 1 preliminary design will progress to a level at which they will begin to define the final Project Phase 1 right-of-way boundaries. It was also suggested that in January of 2011, the sound wall design will have progressed to a level that it would be a good time to schedule a neighborhood meeting for the Project team to brief our neighborhood. As such, we will try to schedule a neighborhood meeting in January of 2011 and invite the NDOT Project team to provide a briefing on the Project design in general, and the sound mitigation plan in particular, and give neighbors a chance to ask questions about the Project.

The Project team congratulated our neighborhood for our consistent involvement in the environmental impact process since the beginning, and invited us to continue to participate as the Project moves into the design and construction phases. We appreciate the Project team's willingness to keep us informed, and we welcome the opportunity to meet with them in January to get a formal briefing on the Project status.

Throughout this process, we have stated our concerns about the need to sufficiently mitigate noise both during construction and once construction is completed. While we are firmly on the record with these concerns, we will need to remain vigilant in our tracking of these issues throughout these next phases of Project design. Please stay tuned for more information on the Project update meeting in January and please plan on attending this meeting if you can.

Submitted by:
Marcia Turner, Ph.D.
— Scotch Eighties Neighbor & Volunteer Chairman Project NEON