Scotch 80's Newsletter

January 2014

Before we go forward on a new year, let’s do a retrospective of how your association was active in 2013.


The membership in the Association is made up of active and concerned neighbors. We are not a formalized HOA, nor at this time do we require dues; yet, we have a board of directors and officers who are dedicated to the neighborhood. Our strength comes from enforcing city codes, peer pressure and neighborhood volunteerism.

Like the American Revolutionary Minutemen, this Association is not bureaucratic but loosely-knit to come together at a moment’s notice to deal with any crisis; several of our past successes and part of our charge is to keep out commercial encroachment and do all things possible to help improve the values of your home ownership.

2014 Goals

Improving Quality of Life and Home Values

After the Recession we have seen new ownership come into the Scotch Eighties neighborhood and physical improvement and remodeling. Nevertheless, we must keep pressure on landlords not to let their properties deteriorate and for tenants to have respect for their residence. This Association will enforce all city zoning laws to maintain the quality of our neighborhood as it is our goal to have this neighborhood of the most desirable addresses in the city.

If you have any questions or issues you want to raise and your Association to deal with, please feel to contact me: or

Stephen Grogan, President

Scotch Eighties Owner Association