Scotch Eighties Home Owners Association

Fall, 2010

Dear Neighbors,

The upheaval in the neighborhood from a real estate recession has quieted somewhat, in that pricing has stabilized, we know what houses are on the market, and there is an influx of new neighbors who perhaps are not yet drawn in to our neighborhood community.

It seems one of the traits of our community is rugged individualism (a reason we are not bound by covenants) and as such our Association reflects the attitude of the Minute Men of Revolutionary Times, 'keep farming, but be ready to answer the call to arms.' In other words, in times past we have stayed low key unless issues require us to mount the battlements and plant the flag of neighborhood determination.

Perhaps it is time to be a little more pro-active and ask our neighbors to volunteer a little of their time. At this point our future focus as a neighborhood needs to be in creating that atmosphere, both in our neighborhood, and with our own home ownership, that begins to rebuild home values.

From an Association as we approach end of the year we should consider certain goals:

1.) Get to know your new neighbors. We will create a new an updated homeownership list and distribute to you within the next months.

2.) Put together a Crime Watch Program and meeting. We have talked about this and people seem positive but we need a few more volunteers to help lead the effort.

3.) The recent concern on Waldman traffic draws attention to general issues about traffic and ingress/egress. A Transportation Committee will be formed to discuss Waldman, the Shadow Lane Entryway.

4.) Plan a neighborhood conclave, a social event. A committee required here.

5.) Some of the negatives have to be faced including a growing rodent infestation which can be slowed with neighborhood joint effort at bait traps. That is an item for group discussion.

6.) We will set an annual meeting in the near future to go over issues of interest and elect officers. Volunteer Leadership Participation sought:

Three Officers Sought: First Vice President, Secretary (would handle minutes and neighborhood communication), and Committee Chairmen for: Transportation/Entryway and Social (neighborhood event). Meetings every other month. Your support and involvement will be appreciated,

Stephen Grogan, President
Telephone: (702) 759-0001 Scotch Eighties Home Owners Association

Board of Directors

            Stephen Grogan, President  (759-0001)

            Barbara Hofsommer, Secretary-Treasurer (367-6696)

            Neil Anzelotti, Director   

            Herman Fox, Director