Scotch Eighties Home Owners Association

July 2009

Dear Neighbors,

In the midst of the metropolitan hustle and bustle Scotch 80’s neighborhood is such a rare community enclave with valuable and contributing citizens that it is essential we have an involved neighborhood organization. The Scotch 80’s Home Owners Association has been created as a citizenry political militia, volunteers pledged to: protect our families; come to the aid of our friends; and economically enhance home values. We are determined our uniqueness perseveres.

Our main priorities for this year include: (1) continue to strategize the best way to keep heavy traffic flows out of the neighborhood with a primary focus our continued effort to gate; (2) concern for any urban crime and therefore implementation of a Neighborhood Watch Program; and protect our home values.

It has come to my attention that due to the slowness of the real estate market many investors who have been speculating with single family homes (and this includes Scotch 80’s) are now stuck with vacant homes and are rushing to find quick-fix income and therefore renting homes to whomever. Over the last several years we have had incidents where the renters have been the problem.

The Association has decided to put on notice all landlords with property within the Scotch 80’s to let them know that the Association intends to hold them personally, legally and financially, responsible for the behavior of their tenants. I will be visiting with city officials and the police to see what our rights are in filing against absentee landlords that allow drugs, criminal, or public nuisance to exist on their property. We will get involved and seek redress.

It should be a goal of the Scotch 80’s Neighborhood Association to encourage single family home ownership and we should talk to realtors in this regard.

Go to and you will find a surprise—a work in progress. If you would respond and contact me with your email we will start a data base so that we can send out important news by email and save on postage ( rates increasing again). Your thoughts and suggestions will be welcomed and may be posted. I intend to update the site monthly.

We are seeking one or two people who might wish to serve on the Association Board. Also, the position for Secretary in now open.

We will probably have an early fall Neighborhood cookout. Give me your ideas, and we will set a tentative date, and get you more information.

Personally, I would like to see the Shadow Lane entrance have a more formal atmosphere, perhaps with signage saying neighborhood does not have through streets. Feel free to email me your suggestions about other neighborhood improvement possibilities.

Your Association receives zoning notices and seeks to have volunteers in attendance at Planning or City Council meetings. If you wish to volunteer let me know.

One of the Association’s main tasks is to make sure that commercial activities do not encroach into our neighborhood or diminish property values by poor zoning on the main thoroughfares. Our sphere of influence is both sides of the streets: Rancho, Oakey, Charleston, Martin Luther King. This does not stop us from commenting on public issues that might impact traffic or our quality of life.

We are especially worried about speculators buying homes on those busy streets and then seeking to changing zoning for commercial use. We can’t let that happen. And then over on Highland/Industrial roadways major new town construction projects are in consideration which we need to stay on top of. Let us know other areas of potential impact that concern you.

Respectfully submitted,

Stephen Grogan, President
Scotch Eighties Home Owners Association

Board of Directors

            Stephen Grogan, President  (759-0001)

            Sharon Green, Vice President (387-8124)

            Mort Fox, Treasurer (384-8230)

            Barbara Hofsommer, Director (367-6696)