Shadow Lane Entryway

The main entry roadway into Scotch Eighties is Shadow Lane. It is perhaps time an effort is started to make a formal entryway that:

a.) Enhances the neighborhood character;

b.) Announces name of neighborhood;

c.) Announces to traffic that area does not allow drive thru;

d.) Announces an active Crime Watch Program and/or surveillance installed

e.) And allows for a 'feel' of future all or partial gating possibilities.

Would like to entertain designs and comments (see attached of one concept). If you have a friend who is an architect try to gain a 'free' drawing of an entryway.

Certainly cost will be the foremost consideration, but we are confident we can seek out urban grants and other supportive financial support.

Please let us know if you are interested in serving on this committee.

Latest Proposed Shadow Lane Entryway

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