Waldman Speed Barrier Issue

Waldman Speed Barrier Issue

Stop Deterioation of Our Neighborhood!
Don't Let us look like the entryway to McCarran Airport

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Download full PDF of proposed speed bumps

The Scotch Eighties Home Owners Association intends to ask for a postponement on any action concerning Waldman Ave. to be taken by the Traffic and Parking Commission of the City of Las Vegas at their scheduled meeting this Thursday, September 23, 2010 in City Council Chambers.

The proposal now being put forward is for Four (4) Speed Humps along Waldman.

Our reasons are such:
1) The entire neighborhood was not canvassed as to their opinion, especially those whose driving would most use the Waldman corridor.

2) Unacceptable is the plan put forward by the City Traffic Engineering Department of 4 Speed Humps along Waldman (see Map). This would do esthetic damage to the neighborhood, and reduce all traffic along Waldman from the 25 mph to 15 mph of constant start-stop traffic. And it is our position that 4 Speed Humps is not what the residents along Waldman envisioned, including the massive amount of new signage required.

3) And finally, the field study conducted by the City Traffic Department does not support the criteria required to place Speed Bumps/Humps on this street.

4) If valid concerns exist about the speed on Waldman other alternatives are possible but have not had the chance to be reviewed by the Association or the members;

Background: A group of our residents living on Waldman have asked for consideration of road devices to moderate traffic speeds.

The City Traffic Department has conducted a traffic study and has found that the criteria as set by City Council did not been meet the requirements, and is not recommending such speed slowing barriers; however the City Council would make the final decision.The study did show that there is indeed a moderate amount of 'speeding' traffic entering from Rancho onto Waldman, and more so less traffic turning on Shadow Lane onto Waldman who then accelerate past Westwood.What the City would likely install are not a 'speed bumps' as seen in shopping centers (which are jolting) but 'speed humps' (which unfortunately are quite large asphalt mounts).

Our Response: The Scotch Eighties Home Owners Association has not taken a position at this time and would seek a postponement of any decision for further study and more resident input. Only residents along Waldman were contacted about their preference, but there was not a formal 'consensus vote' taken of Scotch Eighties residents who would travel on Waldman on a daily basis.

The Traffic and Parking Commission of Las Vegas will be considering the citizen request at a public hearing on Thursday, September 23, 2010 at 1 p.m. in City Council Chambers. Representatives of the Scotch Eighties Home Owners Association will be present to ask for a postponement. If there is a recommendation in favor by the Commission the proposal would be presented to the City Council on October 6th. If passed, we would oppose the issue. It is our direction to create a committee to study less impacting solutions, with a quick turn-around in advice. Please contact us if you are interested in participating.

Very truly yours,

Stephen Grogan, President
Scotch Eighties Home Owners Association

Download full PDF of proposed speed bumps

Download full PDF of proposed speed bumps

9.20.10 Letter to Traffic Engineer—Waldman Speed Humps

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